Hellotxt Journls for iPad: All your social networks in one place

How much time do you spend on social networks? Logging in here, commenting there, it all takes time and before I know it, it is bedtime. Would it not be nice to have a central location to view all your feeds, updates and tweets? Hellotxt Journls (yes, I spelt it right) is a dashboard allowing you to see all your social networks in one place.


I took the time to download the free app and the layout is an easy to use magazine format personalised to your interests. You can add feeds according to your interest and the journl takes a few minutes to setup. You have multiple journals for each of your interests. Perhaps you want a sports journal and another for technology? Looking for that long lost update? No problem, keep track of older posts long after the networks remove the link as Hellotxt Journls has a unique caching system.

A big issue I have with some apps is that they can only be used while connected to wi-fi so when you are out and about, it can be an issue. With Hellotxt, update your journals then go offline and you can still browse the updates. Good train reading I think.

Posting an update is easy. You can add pictures and select which social media to update. Well my followers better watch out as I will be tweeting and updating a lot more. During setup, it asks you about interests and recommends sites which you can follow. I like this feature as I now know about sites which I never heard about but are very interesting.

Did you know the average person in UK spends 33.9 surfing the web and social networks. That’s over a day and I know I spend at least double that online. I complain constantly how there is not enough hours in the day so perhaps this might help me? The iPad app is available now from the iTunes store for free.