Speck HandyShell & SmartShell iPad 2 cases review

Like many I was incredibly impressed with Apple’s Smart Cover for the iPad 2. It looks cool, is functional both as a protective case and as a stand, can be refashioned as a grip when reading and has the magic of magnetism on its side. What’s not to like? Well baby hasn’t got back – in a manner of speaking. The Smart Cover, whilst being as swanky as cases come, fails to protect the back of your iPad and it is possible to scratch your new darling. The Speck Smart Shell is an ultra-thin (1.2 mm) lightweight solution that aligns to your Smart Cover spine for a nice streamline fit and provides an extra layer of protection for the paranoid among us.


Not bad you might think. But what if you don’t have a Smart Cover. And what if you do a lot more with your iPad than sit on the sofa and read webcomics (which is a magic use of anyone’s time that I’d whole-heartedly recommend)? Well perhaps you’d be interested in taking a look at Speck’s HandyShell an iPad 2 case that brings something a little new to the table.

The box for the HandyShell proudly declares “Grip it, Stand it, Hand it, and More!” It should say “Grip it, Stand it, Hand it … and that’s it … but that’s stull quite a lot” but I guess they ran out of space.

The HandyShell has a big red handle around the back that, as you’ve probably guess from the box’s enthusiasm, can be manipulated in a number (three) of cool ways. You can flip it out completely and hand the iPad in landscape on the wall – useful for recipes, to-do lists of weather apps – especially if you have a hook handy and no surface. In the flipped out position you can also hold the iPad 2 like a key-tar or guitar and rock out. It feels a little dorky doing this – but in an awesome way and I’m sure a few performers will be tempted to incorporate this into their act. And finally you can fold it back and make it into a cool stand for flat surfaces. If you’ve been staring at your existing iPad case and wishing it could do more, than maybe the HandShell is for you.

For more information head to SpeckProducts.com