Cygnett Rotating Armour iPad 2 case review

In typical Steve Job’s fashion, Apple’s launch of the iPad 2 was accompanied with much fan fare coupled with a slap in the face for third-party developers and accessory makers who’d been suckling at the iPad 1’s teat for the past year. Not only was the iPad 2’s form factor radically different to the iPad 1 making many existing products incompatible but Apple released the SmartCover, an excellent and innovative protection solution for the iPad 2. Not only did they have first-mover advantage but they’d also come out of the gate with an incredibly strong offering.


However, like all Apple products, there were numerous omissions and various problems that certain groups were vocal about – funky as SmartCovers may be they don’t provide the best level of protection for your precious new toy.

Enter Cygnett, provider of innovative and stylish accessories for tablets, smartphones and MP3 players, who have launched the Rotating Armour case for the iPad 2. We had a play with it at the Gadget Show but it’s out and in actual shops now.


The case boasts automatic activation of the tablet’s wake/sleep function when the case is opened or closed, which is by far my favourite feature of my SmartCover, as well as three viewing angles for the popular Apple tablet.

The case’s multiple viewing angles, in both portrait and landscape positions are incredibly convenient. FaceTime chat, watching movies, internet surfing and strain-free typing are enjoyable and comfortable experiences with the Rotating Armour case.

The design of the Rotating Armour draws attention to the Apple logo on the back of the tablet. Made from an extremely tough microsuede-lined cover, the case protects the iPad 2 from wear and tear, while the heavy-duty design enables safe and easy transportation of the tablet. A secure clasp and locking strap keep the tablet safe at all times and it looks pretty suave and business-like if that’s your thing.

Available in black with orange or black with grey, the latest in Cygnett’s line of iPad 2 cases also ensures that all functions of the iPad 2 remain operational when it is securely fastened in the Rotating Armour, which includes front/rear camera openings and the speaker vent.

The new Cygnett Rotating Armour is priced at £39.95 and is available now from Tesco and Amazon.