Case-mate Fuel-lite iPhone 4 case review

At the risk of repeating myself, the iPhone is fantastic but in many ways is a victim of its own success. The iPhone’s ubiquity distils much of it’s cool appeal and it’s rich and varied app landscape means it’s excellent phone battery life is quite poor mobile computing device battery life. Streaming podcasts in 3G via Instacast, whilst drawing in Brushes and periodically checking my inbox all take their toll on iPhones and many is the day when I’ve been “caught short” and needed to recharge mid-day at a wall socket.


Of course you many not always have a wall socket and the necessary cables to hand so the utility of battery backs such as case-mate’s fuel-lite iPhone 4 case speaks for itself. Whilst bulkier, more powerful battery packs are on the market, the case-mate fuel-lite is, pretty much as the name would suggest, a lightweight charging solution. Incredibly slim for a battery pack, the fuel-lite pads out your iPhone like a two week beach holiday, instead of the “I’ve let myself go” look of larger battery packs. From a protection point of view, the case covers the iPhone adequately and, whilst I wouldn’t hurl it against a wall, I wouldn’t freak out dropping it from a moderate height with the fuel-lite attached.

How does it perform as a battery? Well it’s only packing a 1020 mAh punch, so there’s a limit to what you can expect from it (of 1020 mAh). Other cases can charge your iPhone completely and then some, but they also double your iPhone in size and leave awkward looking bulges in your pocket. If you are a heavy iPhone user or can envisage going days without a charger then you should look into one of those. If however you find yourself running low at the end of the day and need a simple top-up then the fuel-lite may well be perfect. As previously stated, it’s very slender for a battery pack and the addition usage if gives you (up to four hours additional talk time) can be invaluable.

RRP £49.99 but yours for about £37 on Amazon (try haggling).