Loud and proud: the Amplicom Powertel M4000 mobile phone

I’m starting to turn into my mother – only the other day I moaned at my sister for not hanging on the phone long enough for me to first hear it, and then dig it out from the bottom of my bag. Since I got my iPhone, I’m constantly missing calls because I don’t hear it ringing – and I thought my hearing was actually okay – but if I’m walking along the Euston Road to a client’s offices, or even at the nearest soft play area with my five-year-old (FYI for non-parents these are places of torture, where children run around a circuit of ramps, ladders, swings, slides and other paraphernalia, all covered in soft foam to make them ‘safe’, while parents try to have a civilised cup of coffee while talking over the sound of 250 kids shouting, screaming, crying and generally creating pandemonium) – I can’t hear the phone ring.


So I can only imagine how awkward it is for people who have genuine issues with their hearing. Stepping up to the rescue are the folk at Powertel, a German company that focuses on developing easy-to-use telecoms and accessories, who have come up with the Amplicom Powertel M4000. It has been specially designed for people with hearing problems, and features a booster button to increase the ring volume by up to 20 times (they reckon it’s about as loud as a road drill!). In case that isn’t enough, it also has an extra powerful vibrate setting

As well as its obvious advantages for those who are hard of hearing, it also has large, easy-to-read buttons, and the functions have been kept simple – it’s no smartphone for sure, it simply offers the option to call and make calls and send and receive text messages.

It also has a hands-free speaker (which is also loud, of course), automatic key lock, desktop charger and can be used on any network on a contract or pay-as-you-go. It also boasts some functions that other phones of its ilk don’t – such as colour screen with extra large text, and a phone book with space for 200 entries.

The M4000 is claimd to be the cheapest loud and hearing-add compatible mobile phone on the market – and at £69.99 we’re pretty sure this is the case. For more, log on to www.hearingdirect.com