Blackberry World 2011 roundup

It’s all go in the BlackBerry ‘world’ – quite literally. The phone company recently hosted their BlackBerry World 2011 conference – and in the process unveiled plans for a whole smorgasbord of new smartphones, apps and software.


This summer should see the release of a new batch of BlackBerry smartphones – the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930. They’re purported to be the slimmest BlackBerry phones yet – and the most powerful too. They will feature a 1.2Ghz processor, 8Gb memory and the BlackBerry 7 OS but it seems like they’re be even more snug fit into your pocket. They still keep the classic BlackBerry keyboard layout so you can QWERTY away to your heart’s content.

If buttons isn’t your thing and you’re all about the touch screen, then users of the BlackBerry PlayBook – their attempt at tablets – are in for a bit of an app treat. The brainy boffins at manufacturers Research In Motion have devised a Facebook application ready made for the PlayBook, which is due out this month. It’s said to be optimized for its 7” screen and features the basic Facebook social networking functions.

They’ve also announced the PlayBook Video Chat application, allowing the tablet users to engage in video chats with other PlayBookers over a wi-fi connection. They claim that a ‘Video Chat call is the next best thing to being there’, and who’s to disagree? It remains to be seen if it will match the bravado of Apple’s FaceTime however, but it is surely worth a shot.