BlueAnt T1 Bluetooth headset review

Bluetooth headsets get a bit of a bad rap – mostly because they make you look at little bit silly (make up your own tired reference to the Borg and Bankers). But they are useful when you want to have hands-free chat. And as the technology and design improves, the arguments against using them vs the convenience offered by some of the more cutting edge headsets makes the case for popping one in becomes more and more compelling. BlueAnt asked us to have a look at their T1 headset, so we braved the mockery of others and gave it a go.


The T1 is labelled as “rugged” and boast of clear audio at wind speeds up to 22 Miles/hour. I don’t have an anemometer to hand, but it held up on a particularly windy walk down the Thames and a very unpleasant walk along a busy highway (see how I suffer for you guys!). This is apparently the industry’s best and it was noticeably better than the Jawbone Icon I compared it with. As the name suggests, it’s also a study piece of kit and I felt fairly comfortable tossing it around – i.e., with my keys into my drawer, not hurling it against a wall. I’m not mad.

The T1 will also tell you who is calling – or at least try to. It struggled valiantly but failed when my friend Qiongfang called. There is also A2DP so you can work with GPS turn by turn directions or listen to podcasts – I threw in some shows and they were perfectly pleasant. There is a BlueAnt Android T1 app that I didn’t get to test as my Android phone was out of action (oddly enough that *was* thrown against the wall in what is a long story).

The BlueAnt T1 is out now.