Out of this world? The Samsung Galaxy S II

The very slimline (8.49mm and the slimmest in the world according to Samsung) Android handset features Android 2.3 Gingerbread as well as a speedy dual-core 1GHz Samsung chip along with a generous 1Gb of AM.

While reviewers loved the original Galaxy S, some were not so keen on its design, which made it look like an iPhone wannabe. This time round, Samsung has gone for a case with square corners, but now it looks rather like an iPhone 4.


That aside, one of its standout features is its new screen – a Super AMOLED Plus, which we’re assuming will be even better than the original Super AMOLED display – it’s supposed to be both less reflective and more sharp than its predecessor.

The screen is a good size – 4.3 inches – which should make for a decent web surfing experience – and with that Android 2.3 OS, things are looking up for the online browser. One of the good things about Gingerbread is its ability to support Flash, which widens the web experience further.

That big screen should also make it a top device for viewing movies, which can be played back at 1080p high definition. For still shots the Galaxy Samsung S II also has an 8-megapixel snapper with LED flash. (It’s a shame there’s no dedicated camera button, though.) You’ll be able to share all your media using DNLA and Wi-Fi.

Android 2.3 has plenty to recommend it, as you’ll have seen from previous reviews – not least the excellent App Market, and Google maps, for a great navigation experience. And with that powerful processor on board, the Samsung Galaxy S II should be well up to powering all these advanced features.

The phone also features the 3D TouchWiz UI, which adds 3D transition effects and is touted as the next step in the development of the UI. It also features the latest incarnation of
Samsung Kies 2.0 & Kies air, which allows the handset to sync with a computer over a Wi-Fi network. The other new technology that features is NFC (Near Field Comminication), which when it is available more widely will allow you to use your phone for contactless credit card payments and travel (rather like an Oyster card).

On the apps front there are a few new treats – most notably the Music Hub, which allows you to access the 7digital music store,  which lets you redownload purchased MP3s to your phone should you ever lose it – and there are some free games on offer from the Game Hub.

The Samsung Galaxy S was enormously popular, and with its powerful processor and advanced features, it looks like its successor should be just as high on consumers’ wishlists. We’ll have to wait until May to see it on the shop shelves, when it looks like it will be on sale for a few quid more than £500.

For a full list of specs for the Galaxy S II head here: