The iPhone 4: Rumour round up

Being an Apple product is much like being a celebrity on the red carpet; there is always insurmountable hype and excitement, questions are asked but nothing is really revealed and you can guarantee that whatever it is, it will be dressed in a spectacularly designed outfit.

Apple products are the celebrities of the tech world and now the iPad has been unveiled, attention has turned to the prospect of the iPhone 4GS – if that is indeed, what it will be called.  A stunning image of a silver slimline model has been circulated on the web, its design seemingly borne of Apple’s love of simplicity and the minimalistic – yet Apple continues to practice their failsafe PR method of saying absolutely nothing.

According to fellow tech sites (including Phones Review, PC World and Know Your Mobile) the 4Gs will have a better processor and longer battery life with a removable battery.  The handset will come with a 5 megapixel camera and a front-facing camera undoubtedly enabling video calling and Skype very possible.

Other sites have claimed the new iPhone will have an OLED screen and touch-sensitive casing meaning that those fancy swiping actions you make on the screen could probably be made on the back of the handset too.  The phone will also come equipped with dual core processing allowing the use of more than one app at a time – one of the major downfalls of the 3Gs, and a massive 64GB memory.  There are even rumours we’ll have our pick of colours.

Some of this speculation seems to have come from iPhone 3Gs owners who upon discovering the imperfections of their handsets, have created idealised improvements in the new model.  I guess we’ll have to wait until June to find out…