Doro: Accessible mobile phones for the elderly

Latest Gadgets had a little bit of a sit down chat over olives with Doro MD Chris Millington about their new range of accessible mobile phones. There are few things more sexy in the tech world than the Dieter Rams-a-riffic iPhone 4, with it’s shiny mix of metal and glass. Conversely, there are few things less sexy than a range of feature phones for the elderly. So we went into the room with low expectations and quite frankly, were blown away by the level of care and detail Doro put into their phones.


Doro is a Swedish company and produce a range of telecoms hardware, with a “simplicity first” aesthetic at their core. Chris showed me detail after detail in all their product range that emphasised this. They spacing between keys is wide enough to make pressing the wrong key extremely difficult. The texture and weighting of the phone makes it hard for it to accidentally tilt out of your hand. The power plug is triangular so it’s clear which side is up. The screen can be set to blue and white, yellow and black and other incredibly high contrast settings, vital for anyone with failing eyesight. The battery lasts for days. And countless other features all of which make the phones simple and accessible. The range includes features such as an easy to use (literally one button) Camera, 3G technology and a GPS enabled phone utilised to send a location when the assistance call button is pressed.

Other improvements across the range include extra loud, clearer and more amplified sounds. Doro has also included direct SMS access keys meaning text messaging is quicker and more simplified.  The phones all have three quick-dial keys for easy calling and integrated hearing loops (HAC M3/T4).

As someone with a lot of family members in their late seventies and eighties, the availability of easy to use, relatively inexpensive handsets than I can feel comfortable handing over and not getting countless “How do I do xxx?” type enquires for months to come is amazing.

Doro PhoneEasy 615

* Doro’s first 3G mobile

* 3.2 megapixel camera with flash

* Assistance button for greater personal security

Colours: black, Silver and red

SRP: £170  Available: July 2011

Doro PhoneEasy 610

* Direct access SMS function key

* Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC M3/T4)

* Assistance button for greater personal security

Colours: black, white, red and metallic silver

SRP: £130  Available: June 2011