The Juice Pack Plus – Squeezing every last millimetre of ‘juice’ out of an iPhone 4

The slightly nauseating Americanism, of referring to putting petrol in a car as ‘juice’, has now moved into mobile phone technology, thanks to Mophie, the California-based designer and manufacturer of mobile intelligent devices and accessories. Aiming to provide iPhones with an extra boost of power and protection, Mophie launched a ‘juice pack’, which actually won awards for its originality and design. Taking the juice pack line even further, Mophie have now announced the ‘Juice Pack Plus’ for iPhone 4, a battery case designed to improve the aptitude and capabilities of the iPhone 4.


This ultra-light and stylish battery case will only put an extra 1mm of thickness to an iPhone, and, by including a dual injected rubber grip, provides users will extra grip to clutch their beloved iPhone extra tightly. The Juice Pack Plus more than doubles the battery life of an iPhone 4, meaning users will have an additional hours of talk time on 3G and 16 hours on 2G, up to 7 more hours of internet use on 3G and 11 additional hours WiFi, as well as whopping 11 extra hours of video playback.

Not only is the Juice Pack Plus the biggest juice pack case produced thus far, enabling devout iPhone users to squeeze every inch of potential battery life out of their fave gadget, but Mophie’s latest invention also acts as a virtual speaker box, which by redirecting sound from the bottom of the iPhone to the front, results in a richer, deeper and more fuller quality of sound.

Having become fond of their new sleek and stylish iPhone case, which, BTW is available in black, magenta, yellow and cyan, users will be likely to be reluctant to remove their iPhone capacity booster to charge or sync their device to iTunes. Fear not, as a pass-through USB cable included, enables users to simultaneously charge and sync their iPhone without having to remove it from the Juice Pack Plus.

Similar to a car’s fuel gauge, which tells you exactly how much “juice” is left in your vehicle, an integrated 4 light LED battery status indicator tells you how much “juice” is left inside the Juice Pack Plus.

If you think stretching your iPhone’s original battery life further, which, has incidentally been described as being “outstanding” and apparently exceeded Apple’s expectations for longevity during testing, it may prove provident to fork out £89.95 for a Mophie Juice Pack Plus.