Motorola Droid (aka Milestone) reaches UK

The uninformed remain disappointed as Google Android’s latest champion, the Verizon Droid, has yet to make its way to the UK. At least, not under its usual guise.

The latest phone to show off Google Android’s features, the Droid is currently making waves in the UK as the rebranded Motorola Milestone; as the Milestone and Droid are technically the same phone, the change of name is extremely confusing. This is a lost opportunity to cash in on the original’s success.

Sold exclusively in the UK through eXpansys, the sales outlet reported that all stocks of the Milestone were sold out within 3 hours of launch, on December 10th. This draws parallels with the US, where the Droid is estimated to have sold over one-million units in the two months since launch.

Whilst no single phone will be able to challenge the dominance of the iPhone, Google Android as a platform is gaining more and more supporters. The number of Android handsets has ballooned from the poorly executed G1 to over 20 different mobile phones.

The Milestone is leading the charge for the second generation of phones, utilising Motorola’s MOTONAV in place of the US version’s Google Maps. The phone condenses a huge list of features into its slim-line frame, most impressively a full sized qwerty keyboard which slides down from behind the high resolution 3.7 inch screen. Featuring a  5MP, 5 times digital zoom camera and impressive turn by turn GPS, the Milestone makes a formidable claim for the iPhone’s crown.

A £35 18 month T-mobile 18 contract will secure you the phone, but for those looking to choose another carrier, a wallet breaking £400 can buy an unlocked version of the handset.

The future of the Milestone is uncertain. However, as long as the phone remains with such a low visibility distributor, it’s chances of widespread adoption look slim. If the reviews are true, the Droid is a fantastic phone that is waiting for industry approval. We hope the UK realises this, and soon.