SGP Neo Hybrid Case EX iPhone 4 review

With the next iteration of the iPhone looming large in the minds of the tech world, one of the many unknowns is whether Apple will iteratively improve the iPhone under the hood and bring out the “iPhone 4S” or overhaul everything, including the form factor and bring out the “iPhone 5”. Some of the people most on tenderhooks? The legion of casemakers who provide a plethora of ways to keep your baby safe from harm (in case it sustains a Massive Attack).


The 3G/3GS case market was large, but in the wake of the double Gorilla Glass design of the iPhone 4 and antenna-gate (the scandal financial analysts were sure would sink Apple) the third-party case market exploded with an incredibly wide and varied assortment of cases – from designer cases such as the Ted Baker case, the Powermat wireless charging case, the MiLi battery back and the Agent 18 EcoCase – my personal case of choice.

Entering this melee is the Neo Hybrid Ex, which is composed of a dual UV coated hard Polycarbonate frame the forms like Voltron with a High Polymer coated soft premium Silicon case and a Steinheil Ultra Crystal Protector (for the front and back glass screens) to shield your iPhone 4 from external influences.

Unlike other cases, the hard exo-skeleton from the Polycarbonate frame feels pretty secure against accidental drops and the screen should be free from lint, dust and finger prints. The case provides easy access to all the ports – although I had a bit of bother with my headphones as they have a unconventionally curved 3.5 mm jack and the case was a little too think to accommodate them.

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