Sssh… lets whisper about the LG Rumor Touch

It may not be available until the spring, but there are some stirring rumors flying around about LG’s new Rumor Touch phone.

In bragging a hefty 3-inch touch screen, increasing its 4-line keyboard to a 5-line one, boosting its camera by O.7 MP to 2.0 MP, and including a 3G data capability on Sprint’s network, the Rumor Touch can justifiably be considered as being infinitely superior to its predecessor, the LG Rumor.  And so it should be considering all the preliminary hype about this latest touch screen phone, which is not available on the market for another four months!

Although the LG Rumor Touch’s preeminence does not stop at its giant touch screen and full QWERTY keyboard. Additional features include a Hello user interface, enabling favorite contacts to be quickly attainable from the home page, a microSD memory card slot with 32GB card capability, Instant Messaging and SMS threaded text messaging, easy image upload of MySpace, YouTube, and Photobucket, and, most importantly, a quick demo video from an LG employee for those struggling to get their head around the phone’s complexity of features.

But what I find pleasantly pleasing about this phone is that unlike many of the camera phones flooding the market at present, the LG Rumor Touch has a battery life of up to 7 hours of continuous talk time. So many times have I been cut of “mid-sentence” or faced with a black screen, cruelly stopped from capturing my baby take his first steps on camera, that the fact that this camera phone has a longer battery life than many of its rivals is enough to make me go out and buy it.

Also for the many Facebook fanatics amongst us, a Facebook app is conveniently accessible from the main menu.

Although the cost of the LG Rumor Touch has yet to be announced, at least by the time the phone arrives on the shelves so should have the warmer weather, and our fingers should be less frozen and more capable at dealing with intricacy involved with a touch screen phone.