Mili iPhone Power Pack 4 – Just in case

You’d be churlish to deny that smartphones are a wonder of the modern age. Whichever fruit or robot-based feudal camp you find yourself attached to, the fact that for a relatively low price, people can walk around with a tiny computer in their pockets is amazing.


I love my iPhone 4 but the flexibility of the device (pipe down in the back you know exactly what I mean) and the rich Eco-system of apps means I am on it constantly – whether to play processor intensive games like Rage HD, to read books like the Bedwetter or to take HDR photos and HD video. The strain on my battery is intense. 2 years ago I had a Blackberry, the battery of which lasted for ages because I only used it for text and emails. The “do everything” nature of modern smartphones makes battery drain a real issue.

Of course, a user replaceable battery would be pretty handy in such circumstances but Apple’s form over function design team decided to go for a sealed case, creating a market for third party battery cases. The MiLi Power Pack 4 is a 3000 mAh battery case and stand and according to the dudes at MiLi the most powerful battery case on the market.

The case is a little bulky. And by a little I mean it practically doubles the girth and weight of your iPhone and makes it a bulky monster.  The added weight is a little distracting at first but you slowly get used to it. Plus you don’t actually need to have the battery pack strapped to your phone at all times – you can leave your iPhone “naked” and just pop the case on when the battery is low.

There’s something amazing about seeing the flashing red “iPhone battery low” warning sign, pressing a button and having the phone’s battery automagically refill. With the MiLi in tow you can get up to 675 hours on standby, 11.25 hours of 3G talk time, 22.5 hours of video play and 87.5 hours of audio play.

The lovely little ring pull kick stand is really cool for portrait and landscape viewing and pass through charging means you can charge the iPhone in the case and sync with iTunes etc at the same time, which is handy. Until Apple’s enables wireless syncing through iTunes (when oh when Steve!).

The Mili Power Park 4 is yours from £59.99 from