Exspect iPad and iPhone cases review and giveaway

I love my iPad but I seldom take it out of the house, partly out of fear of damaging it and partly to avoid a hoarde of over enthusiastic Android evangelists berating my purchase.

Exspect hope to change all that with a new range of iPad cases. I have the official iPad case from Apple but hate using it due to its rubbery feel and the hassle involved in taking the iPad out of the case. It does however make a pretty neat stand.


Exspect have a range of cases on offer as well as a transparant, scratch resistant Screen Protector film. The Toughskin, in Metallic Red or Blue is a simple shell case that should help with accidental knocks and bumps.

The Executive Wallet, is my favourite and is a simple black Nappa leather case that makes your iPad resemble a MoleSkin type notebook. The cover of the executive Wallet has a lovely solid feel to it, which makes it a lot less distracting than the Official case. It it also really easy to pop your iPad out from the case, which after spending ages stuggling with the official case makes a welcome change.

The Flip is another Nappa leather case but with a built-in stand, similar to the official Apple Case, enabling you to transform an idle iPad into an expensive digital photo frame.

Exspect also lauched a Toughskin iPhone 4 case, that completely hugs the body of the Phone. Whilst you can obviously just get a free case from Apple’s free Case Program for iPhone, Exspect would rather you buy one from them and point to their colour – metallic red or blue and security – the Toughskins cover the back of the iPhone 4 which is solid glass. Whilst Apple claim the solid glass back is fine the scratch on the back of my iPhone 4 says different.

Executive Wallet (Black Leather): £29.99
Flip Case (Black Leather): £39.99
Toughskin (Metallic Red or Blue): £14.99
Slip Case (Black Leather): £34.99
Screen Protector (Clear): £9.99
iPhone 4 Toughskin (Metallic Blue or Red): £9.99

We have some Toughskin iPhone and iPad cases to give away. To enter, simply follow @latestgadgetsuk on Twitter and tweet this message, linking back to this page.

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The competition closes on 30 September 2010 and winners will be selected at random.