Acer Stream – just another Android smartphone?

On August 9th Taiwan-based technology giant ACER release the Stream, their newest smartphone, and it looks set to be the firmest indication yet that they are ready to take announce themselves as genuine contenders in this ultra competitive market.

The phone itself, like every other Tom, Dick and Evo, uses the Google Android system, which of course means its ultra familiar to most us out there. Although it will be loaded with Android 2.1 on release, ACER have told us that version 2.2 (also called Froyo, obviously) will be available to upgrade to around a month after the phone is released.


Looks-wise, smart simplicity is the key with minimal buttons and an easy to navigate interface that has been completely revamped by ACER since their last smartphone release. The black matt design also should stop it becoming marked or scratched. The screen is a decent size at 3.7” and according to this press release right here has the capability to display a mindboggling 1.67 million colours. Now, hands up if you knew that many colours even existed?

Behind the screen is a 5 megapixel camera, and a 720p video with enables HD quality recordings. The phone boasts 2GB’s of internal Flash memory too, so there shouldn’t be any problems storing your pictures and videos. Powering this is the 1GhZ Snapdragon processor which all ensures the programs open swiftly, and that there is little problem with multt-tasking. It also gives the Stream considerably more oomph than the Google Nexus One and Desire which boast only 512MB of storage space.

Being an Android, obviously you have access to Google applications like Maps which for any City-dweller is essential for finding that elusive watering hole where the object of your affections waits impatiently. Other standard applications you can expect from it are 2.1 Bluetooth, stereo FM radio and an inbuilt Micro USB port so you can synch it all up with your PC.

It’s got a recommended price of £399.99; pretty standard for a phone of this power. Interestingly, it will only be available from, so don’t expect to run out to Carphone Warehouse on the 9th and find it gleaming at you.

All in all, the ACER Stream looks a safe bet to carve itself a niche in the smartphone market. It’s got the features required to make it stand out but, as with everything, it’s all very good on paper so we will have to wait until next month to see if it comes good on its potential. Early reviews of it have been generally positive, and they have been with early edition handsets that chug somewhat slower than the Stream at full pace.