iOwner wrist cramp? Take a stand with Crabble

The iPhone has come a long way in recent years, with video, apps and skins to name a few milestones. So when we spied the cryptically-named Crabble iPhone accessory we were mystified how a credit card-sized wedge of polypropylene could dare try to resolve the one issue we had with our smartphone and penetrate where the whizzy apps and pricey add-ons had tried to gloss.


See, we can’t get enough of watching video on our iPhone – on the train, in the office, yes, sometimes even in front of the telly. But second to the inevitable battery burn, it doesn’t half get annoying having to prop up your player to get a decent hands-free micro-cinematic experience. It’s us coming to this woeful realisation which Crabble aims to capitalise on, lauding itself as the wallet-sized solution to the misery of iOwners’ wrist cramp. Perhaps not the most pressing woe for the plucky iPhone owner, but a valid call nonetheless.

Crabble could be filed under one of those gadgets you never knew you needed ‘til you had one. In fact its diminutive stature is such that it could be filed almost anywhere. Cramming oodles of features into its waspish frame, it slips effortlessly into your wallet in wait for any phone-propping emergency.

Crabble isn’t Seskimo’s first foray into phone stands. Indeed, its predecessor the Batrest has a loyal following. Crabble flies with the bat’s best features, adds some sweet functionality – and all for the less-than-princely sum of £3.49.

Crabble offers a choice of propping orientation – landscape for movies, portrait for incoming calls, appointments, as a bedside clock etc. You can even vary the degree of tilt in landscape form for optimum viewing comfort.

If your day sees you enter the more challenging environment of the train or plane, those standard-issue sloping plastic tables are no match for its non-slip silicone rubber claws; a reassuring safeguard against turbulence.

Although Crabble has its heart set on the mighty iPhone, this versatile little fellow caters for the dimensions of the iPod Touch and many other small media players, MP3 players and smartphones – it even accommodates some protective cases at a push. And with your pick of six designs, it coordinates with the fanciest public transport upholstery.

So whether you’ve been searching far and wide for an affordable, compact smartphone stand or you’ve been oblivious to your long-standing propping problem, Seskimo’s niche idea will likely occupy a niche in your life very soon.