Microsoft’s latest Lumia (the 930) comes to the UK


Microsoft’s popular smartphone range will be receiving a new addition in mid-July this year with the release of the Lumia 930 smartphone. Microsoft’s latest smartphone will be releasing in the UK with the latest 8.1 software and “the best of Microsoft and Lumia services” the Lumia 930 is promising to “deliver an unrivalled user experience”. Upon its release, featuring a lightweight but high resolution 5” Full HD OLED Screen with 1920×1080 screen resolution – similar to that you might find on a desktop computer, you can expect a sharp image delivery from this smartphone.

Microsoft also supports the smartphone’s claim to be one of the best in terms of entertainment and image delivery, stating “the crystal clear 5-inch OLED display lets you watch in full HD and your favourite shows, movies or video clips are viewable in any light conditions as the device uses PureBlack screen technology.” Having a screen that’s too dark to view properly in certain conditions has always been a personal gripe of mine so if this is improved in the Lumia, that is a definite plus.

The smartphone aims to provide “the ultimate in video and imaging smartphone capability” with a 20 Mega-pixel camera, capable of taking photos in its native 1920×1080 resolution. For dedicated mobile photographers the phone also features imaging apps such as Nokia Camera in addition to Zeiss optics will allow users to create high-quality, stunning photos in seconds. Microsoft also claims the phone’s camera will “capture HD video like never before” including directional audio and built-in support for 5:1 surround sound – both capture and playback.

Conor Pierce, VP of Microsoft Devices for the UK and Ireland, was quick to support the new smartphone’s imaging and video capabilities: delivering cutting-edge technology to create an unrivalled video and imaging smartphone experience that are instantly shareable.”

Microsoft claims the phone will provide plenty to do for its users, and promises to include “A rich suite of differentiating applications and services”. Such features include Microsoft Enterprise feature pack, Microsoft Office, OneDrive, Nokia Camera, and HERE Maps and Drive+. All this functionality will be contained within “a beautifully crafted design featuring metallic details and vibrant new colours”.

The high-res screen is handy for maps.
The high-res screen is handy for maps.

The phone also promises to keep user data safe using Microsoft’s own OneDrive cloud service, storing photos, videos and documents synced with the online cloud for free, allowing data to be carried across to other Windows Phones, PC’s, tablets, and Xbox consoles among other systems.

Microsoft is quick to assure potential customers that their new smartphone is strong in terms of its battery life – an important aspect in a phone that claims to boast a great deal of entertainment and creative capability. The Company stated: “Equipped with a high capacity 2420 mAh battery and built-in wireless charging, there is little need to worry about running out of battery”. The phone also includes a wireless battery charger.

Microsoft of course had plenty of positive things to state about the smartphone, but what do the net’s reviewers think of their new chief smartphone?

PC Advisor saw the phone largely in a positive light, stating that the phone’s performance and battery life impressed thoroughly: “Performance is great. Windows Phone 8 zips along on lesser phones, and on the Lumia 930 it runs like a dream… the 930 always feels responsive, whether switching between apps or quitting and returning to the home screen.

The 930’s battery lasts pretty well. Unless you’re hammering it by watching YouTube or playing games at maximum brightness, there’s enough juice to get you through a whole day, and probably half of the next, too.”

CNET isn’t quite as pleased with the phone’s battery life, stating that it “doesn’t impress” but is very much impressed with the phone’s camera functionality.

Microsoft is offering the phone “all from only £33 per month on contract”. However, should you wish to acquire the handset SIM-free, the phone will set you back around £435 – not a bad price for Microsoft’s flagship smartphone, but around similar cost to Samsung’s S5 now that it has been around a while.