Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X2 keeps WM6.5 fire burning

Since the launch of Apple’s all-conquering handset, there’s been less of a gap and more of an aching chasm between the iPhone and other smartphones on the market. As rival manufacturers begin to make up some of the ground on the so-called ‘Jesus gadget’ there’s been an explosion in the number of cleverly connected devices on the market, particularly in the growing number of Windows mobile devices.


Whereas the iPhone is typically aimed at the causal user (see those famed Mitchell and Webb adverts if you’re in any doubt which camp you fall into), Windows mobile powered handsets, and in fact smartphones in general, are more typically aimed at business types. The XPERIA X2, Sony Ericsson’s latest foray into the market, is no exception, offering connectivity both inside and out of the office. Promising to blur the boundaries between business and leisure the X2 is certainly an improvement on its predecessor, the X1, in almost every regard; but what does it have to offer?

Well what’s immediately apparent is that the XPERIA X2 is hefty, even in the company of the traditionally big-boned smartphone sector. But this additional girth isn’t without merit. Sony Ericsson have typically been renowned for their optical excellence and the X2 is no exception, packing an impressive 8.1MP digital camera with a full x16 digital zoom, complete with ‘Photo light’ software that makes tagging and uploading of your photos seamless. In fact it’s on the multimedia front that the X2 wins most of its battles and its TV out cable is a useful addition enabling you to upload your phone’s content to the big screen.

Sony Ericsson prescribe the phone for those that live in the fast lane, people who need to be connected whether for work, rest and play; and to that end the product is designed with usability in mind. It’s ‘panels’ system is a clever idea, offering users touchscreen access to the phone’s key features through it’s easy to read homepage. With 14 specially designed preloaded panels and 16 more to download, it’s easy for users to separate out work, communications and entertainment as well as staying up to date with the information that matters the most with a daub of a digit.

The handset also debuts the Windows 6.5 operating system for the manufacturer, which is a vast improvement on previous Windows mobile incarnations. The XPERIA X2 also includes a slide out full QWERTY keyboard, which, when coupled with the ability to work with Microsoft office documents on the move, makes it an attractive option for those looking to take the office with them wherever they are.