Griffin MouthStick Stylus: Touchscreen Technology For All


The near ubiquity of touchscreen technology is amazing but consider the plight of people who have motor impairments or other disabilities that restrict the use of their hands. Well the folks at Griffin know the importance of keeping technology accessible to as many people as possible and have introduced the Griffin MouthStick Stylus.

It’s designed to allow anyone to use touchscreen monitors, tablets, trackpads and even old-fashioned keyboards. Developed with input from medical professionals, the MouthStick comprises a stainless-steel mouthpiece with removable cushioned sleeves, a rubber-covered 12-inch shaft (I won’t tell you again, stop it!) that can be bent to any angle and a conductive rubber tip. The conductive tip allows it to work with the capacitive touchscreens used in most mobile phones and tablets. It’s a well-balanced design allowing it to be held comfortably in the mouth without strain.

This isn’t a new idea of course, similar devices to allow people with limited mobility to use computers have existed for a while. Mostly though they’re in the form of a simple, rigid pointer. What makes the MouthStick different is the flexible aluminium shaft which can be adjusted to allow the operation of a variety of devices whilst maintaining a comfortable distance to read the screen. Combine this with the conductive tip and it can be used on anything from a standard keyboard to the latest smartphone. Replacement tips and mouthpiece sleeves are available from the Griffin website.

Touchscreen devices have become an essential part of our lives and this clever gadget is designed to make them accessible to everyone regardless of disability. Though I can’t help thinking it might have a wider audience of people who find that two hands just aren’t sufficient for all their multi-tasking needs.

The MouthStick Stylus will be available in April from Griffin priced at £19.99.