Surface Pro – Battery Life Review Round-Up

surface-pro-battery-test As someone who still carts about a relatively hefty five year old Dell laptop, I’ve been itching to splash out on an Ultrabook or tablet-cum-keyboard for some time now. Initially I thought the Surface RT was the answer, but its lack of compatibility with the large plethora of non-Windows software I run, soon ruled it out. So, like a lot of others, I sat on my hands (or should that be wallet?) eagerly awaiting the Microsoft Surface Pro – with its promise of being able to run pretty much anything your traditional desktop can.

The good news is that, on the whole, initial hands-on reviews of the Pro have been positive – apart from one consistent gripe, the battery life. From my point of view, this is a key decider on whether I buy one. I want a device with iPad-like properties, where you can happily leave it on ‘standby’ for days and still watch a movie without running out of juice.

In order to try and get a full picture of how the Pro’s battery life stacks up, I decided to check out the hands-on battery tests so far. I’m a natural pessimist and therefore decided to focus on the worst case scenario, so the results in the table below are generally the minimum you can expect from the Surface Pro’s battery. The logic being that you should be pleasantly surprised to find it lasts a bit longer than you expected!

Surface Pro Battery Life Results

[table id=5 /]

Given those results, I think I’ll continue to sit on my hands and see the battery results if/when the Pro comes shipped with the next-gen Intel “Haswell” CPU, which, according to PCPro, promises to include ‘aggressive power management’ not just for the CPU but also the chipset and other internal components.

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