iPad Mini review of reviews: Small is better


So small is beautiful these days is it? It used to be that 10 inches was considered to be the pocket rocket but frankly that is so last year. 7 inches was the new 10 it seemed for everyone except Apple, whose genius for finding a niche is stuff of legend.

Cue then the iPad mini, where an extra 0.9 of an inch makes all the difference apparently to Shane Richmond in The Telegraph who reckons it’s all in the screen size.

“Apple has been dismissive of 7-inch tablet computers and has therefore been keen to emphasise that the iPad mini isn’t one. The extra 0.9-inches of screen on the iPad mini are the crucial difference, Apple says, and having tried it for a week and compared it to some rivals, I’d have to agree.”

Not only that, it seems the design is something special too “The iPad mini is yet another wonderful piece of Apple design. Google’s Nexus 7 tablet is a perfectly fine piece of hardware but it’s plastic. And, somehow, it’s still heavier than the aluminium iPad mini.


T3 on the other hand is almost salivating at the prospect of the Mini’s display capability.

“The LED-backlit screen looks fantastic on the 7.9-inch display. Colours are vivid, text is pin sharp, web pages render quickly and, because there’s almost a 4:3 ratio going on, you get a lot of content on page. It feels squarer than the bigger iPad, but definitely works as, arguably, a better mobile experience than its bigger brother.”

The Independent sees the Mini winning through sheer app numbers:

“Where it really scores is in the dedicated tablet apps that gleam. Where Google has hundreds of dedicated tablet apps – the rest are resized phone apps – Apple has 275,000. The screen is as responsive and inviting as the full-sized iPad and the increased portability will make it appealing to a new range of customers.”


It seems the only question mark most reviewers have is on price. Andrew Hoyle for Cnet remarks “It’s too expensive however, and its display resolution doesn’t measure up to competing tablets, or other iOS devices.

Wrapping his review up, Charles Arthur of The Guardian says

“Apple is going to sell a lot of these – quite possibly more than the “large” iPad – in this quarter. The only way Apple could improve on this product would be to give it a retina screen and somehow make it lighter. That might happen at some point. You can wait if you like; other people, in the meantime, will be buying this one.”