Form and function: Four of the best new laptop bags

Remember when laptop bags used to suck? Really drab looking affairs that screamed “I’m carrying a laptop” and were only slightly more stylish than the comically out of date bags that “businessmen” used to carry around Old Threadneedle street.

Well all that has changed. Laptops are no longer the sole preserve of nerds, and indeed nerd-dom is no longer the sole preserve of people who actually know thing. Both nerds and laptop bags are at the height of fashion (or if not the height, certainly stand taller than they did in my day).


Crosskase Fusion

If you’re a modern individual you’re probably wearing any number of metaphorical hats and appreciate technology that is equally flexible. The Crosskase Fusion bag features three bag styles within one compact package – messenger, tote and rucksack. The bag uses Ballistic Nylon construction, inner padding and an exterior flap to ensure items are well protected from the elements and theft.

Available now in black or silver, the Fusion is priced at £79.99 inc VAT from, Apple and Amazon.


STM nomad

Leading Australian bag manufacturer, STM Bags have released the nomad, a cool looking shoulder bag, complete with a removable laptop sleeve that fits most 11′, 13′ and 15′ laptops and smaller tablets. The nomad has an external zipper pocket to secure valuables and multiple organiser pockets for pens, keys, cords, cables and accessories.

The nomad is available from with prices starting from £95.


CrossKase Solar 15

Battery power is a simple but oh so essential component of the modern gadget and it’s always amusing to see the desperation creep across the faces of iPhone users as the evening draws to a close and they wonder if their devices will have enough power to guide them home. The CrossKase Solar 15 is a sturdy 25 litre backpack with built-in solar panels to charge all your gadgets on the go. Priced at £139.99 it is available now from, Apple and

For more detail on the CrossKase Solar check out our article here.


toffee messenger satchel

If you want to be ultra fancy then there’s always the toffee messenger satchel, which is one of the best looking laptop bags we looked at. Also from Australia, the toffee bags are available in black or tan luxurious top-grain leather, or black or khaki premium 18-ounce canvas with genuine leather detailing – I said they were ultra fancy.

The messenger satchel is available in black or tan top-grain leather priced at £199.95, or 18-ounce canvas in khaki or black, priced at £139.95. Dimensions suit a 13” MacBook Air/Pro or Ultrabook. Check out