Cygnett Keypad Review: Typing on the go

When it comes to writing emails and documents on the iPad, the iPad virtual keyboard can be tricky especially if you use the symbols. Sometimes I miss having the symbols just a button press away. This is why portable keyboards have become very popular. You can get cases with keyboards built in or you can get Bluetooth keypads, both of which take messy wires out of the equation. Which is better? Well it all depends on what you want to get out of it. We thought we’d test the Cygnett Keypad.


Cygnett is an Australian brand who provides accessories for the iPad and iPhone. For business travellers and anyone that types on the go, the Cygnett Keypad is extremely portable and light. It was only 200g, less than half a bag of sugar. You will have no issues packing this and it will add a minuscule weight to your bag. It is also very easy to setup. I was paired and typing away within minutes. It is easy to recharge as it uses a USB cables. This differs from the Apple Wireless Keyboard as that uses batteries which can be rechargeable. I do not want to be mid-typing only for a keypad to die on me so this is welcome feature. The battery on the Cygnett Keypad lasts for 120 hours on a full charge which is very commendable.

The only thing I found on the downside was it has very small keys. I found it quite hard to type accurately at a fast speed on the Keypad. It does have a full QWERTY keyboard and numerical keys, it’s just so small. It is something you need to get used to. As there is trade off with portability and keyboard, the suitability of the keypad for you depends on your use. If you travel a lot and do not type for long periods of time, this is perfect.

The Cygnett Keypad is compatible with all the iPads, iPhone 4 & 4S and iPhones 3G and 3GS. You can get it here here and various other online stores.