Kogan’s new Agora tablets: A tablet price war has commenced!

It happened with baked beans, it happened with DVD players, now it’s happening with tablets, with Kogan launching a tablet price war in the UK by thrusting two new tablets on to the market for little more than £100!


Kogan, a lesser known consumer electronics’ designer, manufacturer and retailer, has been propelled to global notoriety overnight, by launching the Agora 8” Tablet, which starts from £119 and the Agora 10” Tablet, which starts at £149, both of which are powered by Android.

The Agora 8” – the ‘best value Android tablet in the world’, boasts a powerful 1 Ghz processor, has illuminated soft keys, HDMI output, microSD card input, Wi-Fi, and access to thousands of apps and games in the Android market. This apparently beautifully designed, lightweight and easy to carry tablet has, according to Kogan, been able to be made so cheaply by ‘cutting out all the middlemen, trimming the fat, and keeping prices extremely low.’

Its slightly more expensive sibling boasts a larger screen but what is equally as bright and responsive, with the same illuminated soft keys. Similar internal capabilities include built in Wi-Fi, Media Player, various desktop widgets, including weather, calendar, clock and YouTube, supports 720p HD Playback, has a HDMI video output, and is capable of reading and writing emails with the Gmail or Email app.

Taking a somewhat presumptuous and  slightly ‘moral high ground’ about his new, almost giveaway tablet creation, Ruslan Kogan, founder and CEO of Kogan, said:

“We’re entering the tablet wars in a concerted way and ensuring that we have the best value option. We know we’re creating a device that we be loved by anyone wanting to own their tablet without feeling guilty for forking out an arm and a leg.”

In ‘trimming the fat’, these tablets are void of a camera and lack the ‘sophistication’ of the likes of the iPad, but hey, for just over £100, who’s complaining!

It worked for Tesco’s in its ‘pile it high, sell it cheap’ philosophy, and tablet punters watch this space, ‘put your Christmas tablet shopping on hold, as Kogan may have just initiated a tablet price war!’

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