Samsung Slate PC Series-7: Crazy name, impressive spec

While the champions of iOS and Android battle it out in the tablet-space this autumn, one manufacture has taken up the fight for a more ancient cause – a Windows-based tablet. Samsung’s plan is to create ultimate office tablet, using typical office software – Windows 7 and Microsoft Office. Enter the Slate PC Series-7, with a crazy name but good specs.


To power the full-sized Windows 7 operating system on the Slate, you’ll find a full-sized Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM and a 64GB SSD HD. While we’re used to seeing flash memory on other tablets, the huge 4GB RAM and Core i5 mean that this tablet is packing some serious heat. And with a full-sized processor, it’ll be generating a lot of heat, too.

While the processor is great for a tablet, the 4GB RAM is essential for Windows 7 operation – anything else might cause the machine to stutter – especially with Samsung’s touch interface on top.

The interface lets you poke around with your fingers to control the mouse-friendly operating system, but it’s really no match for a native touchscreen interface like Android or iOS. Samsung have tried to deal with fiddly display elements by bundling a capacitive touch pen – which is also cool for drawing – but the un-finger-friendly Windows 7 will be a frequent frustration.

On the plus side, Windows 7 means the Slate can run all the important programs a business could need, as well as support a huge array of file types and bespoke software. It’s basically a portable PC, so it’s open to whatever software you throw at it.

The truly miraculous thing about the Slate is not the interface, though, but how the laptop-standard specifications fit inside the thing. The 11.6” screen doesn’t create the biggest footprint for the components to sit in, especially considering that the device is only 12.9mm thick and weighs a paltry 0.8kg.

You’ll find other tablet staples included, such as Bluetooth for keyboards and mice, a 2MP front and 3MP rear camera and wifi, plus some additional goodies: there’s a full-sized USB port, WiMax and HSPA connections.

Buyers can also pick up the docking station (with video-out) to let you use the Slate as an efficient portable computer – making the device a great purchase for road-warriors.

We should also note the Samsung FastStart technology that allows the Slate PC Series 7 to wake up in 2 seconds and boot from cold in 15. Impressive.

Unfortunately, it’s all a bit expensive – retailing for around £999.