LoJack: A laptop guard dog

Losing a laptop isn’t just a financial burden – it can also leave your personal info available to a whole host of hacks. While the embarrassment of thieves seeing your sex-tapes is pretty bad, losing bank details, private log-in information and other important data can be life-changing. Luckily, Absolute Software Corporation has created LoJack – the software equivalent of a laptop guard dog.


The £29.96 software contains four key features, each focussed on retaining your privacy (and your laptop) should the worst happen.


Lock mode lets you remotely block access to the computer, preventing thieves from snooping through your files. Once the mode is turned on, nothing can get through the operating system lock.

It also lets you customise your lock screen, so you can implore good samaritans to return the laptop to your address. Or just castigate the no good thieving bandits!


If you’ve got top-secret content on the computer, it may be better to delete it then risk it falling into the wrong hands (MI5, take note.)

The remote delete option lets you remotely and selectively erase sensitive files and applications. Which means you can choose to keep your baby photos and old love letters, but delete the blueprints to that secret thing you’ve been working on.


Locate uses the Wi-Fi geolocation of the computer to map your computer’s current and past whereabouts. You can test the accuracy of geolocation by heading to Google Maps and clicking the white circle above the zoom bar – it gets your computer’s location from its wi-fi address.


This is where the service really excels – LoJack comes with a Theft Recovery Team made up of security experts and ex-police offers who use information from the computer to determine who has your computer and how to get it back by working with the police.

Unfortunately, no service can protect from pro-thieves who will know to rip-out the hard drive or turn the computer on without an internet connection.

For the common laptop grab-and-run, though, or if you just misplace your laptop and a good samaritan is trying to get it back to you – LoJack can really help.

The licence can be bought for one year minimum, or for three years at a discounted price of £67.46.