Kindle Tuff Luv cover review

We look at a lot of iPad cases here at Latest Gadget, so many in fact that it’s easy to forget that other competing devices need just as much protection from the bumps and bashes that every day life provides. One such device, is Amazon’s hugely successful Kindle. I’ve had a Kindle 3 in the house for about 7 months and it’s a testament to its durability that it’s still in one piece – its light-weight form factor means I’m constantly throwing it around or tossing it on the table like one of its paper counterparts. It’s survived despite my best efforts but with a range of cases available why take that chance?


One such case is the stylish and well-designed Tuff-Luv case, which has a lovely high-quality feel to it, in part because it is made from high quality 100% genuine Napa leather and the real stitching with which it is hand stitched (backed by a lifetime workmanship guarantee). The real leather exterior is extremely comfortable to hold, perfect for long-London tube journeys, but also feel pretty secure – I’d happily drop my Kindle (from a low height like a chair) with the Tuff Luv on without freaking out too much. The case also features a specially designed magnetic-fastening flap to ensure the case is firmly closed when not in use. Another feature is an integrated document and penholder allowing you to carry round small sheets of paper and scribble on them.

Unlike their flashier tablet counterparts, Kindles and e-readers in general, are no fun in the dark, without the assistance of a bed-side light of sorts. The Tuff Luv Kindle cover comes with a powerful, LED directional reading light, which allows you to use your Kindle in the dark wherever you are. The light provides up to 72 hours of light with the included batteries and includes a built-in reflector cone, which increases brightness by up to 30%.

Plus it’s a lovely green. A range of Kindle covers with lights are available from Gear Zap now. They have regular Kindle covers too.