be.ez La Robe Club

The laptop revolution started around 2004. It became cooler in May 2006, when the MacBook scampered out of Apple’s labs. It’s taken a while, but in 2011, cases have finally caught up. The be.ez La Robe Club combines portability, functionality and style to make, possibly, our favourite laptop case.


The reason for this La Robe Club lust is not simply adoration for black-and-vibrant-colour combinations – although the Club’s black-and-saffron is pretty fine. No, it’s because a lot of thought has been put into the whole design. What else would you expect from a French brand?

Made from low resilience polyurethane, there’s 5mm of memory foam on either side to protect from square-on drops. The interior of the sleeve features a reinforced inner lip to protect from corner impact – the biggest cause of laptop damage.

Our favourite part, however, is the two pockets on the front. Finally, a slimline sleeve that looks cool, is well-built, and has a place for accessories. Aging systems appreciate the opportunity to charge wherever they are, so it’s reassuring to know the charger is always near-by.

And if you don’t want to use the pockets, they’re barely noticeable anyway.

Nothing’s perfect, however, and in our ideal world there’d be a waterproof seal instead of the zip closure – to protect the system spills and leaks, as well as knocks and scrapes.

We’d also like to see a variety of colours. Sure, we love the current aesthetics, but we’re all about the black-and-Tron-blue at the moment. Still, this is the current front-runner for our laptop case needs. Comment if you’ve got a better one.

The be.ez LA robe Club is available for the Macbook and MacBook Pro 13” and 15”, as well as the iPad. Prices start at £24.95.