Move over knickers, M&S launches web book

Marks & Spencer is probably one of the most trusted and respected of all the retail giants, and have now branched into the computer industry with the launch of its first own brand laptop, entitled the MSNB-2009, a 10” netbook. Stylishly designed by M&S, the retailer has partnered with manufacturers Elonex to produce the laptop.

The MSNB-2009 is a perfect example of how retailers are extending their product lines and looking at current demands which seems to be highly related to the increasing need for small and lightweight laptops – at budget friendly prices.

So what does the new M&S netbook have to offer in terms of function, power and performance and does it measure up to the more tech-orientated competitors out there? Boasting an Intel® Atom™ Processor with 1GB of RAM, the MSNB-2009 has a 6 Hour battery life which means it is ideal for use on the go. The laptop also has a160GB hard drive allowing you to store a substantial collection of music, films and photos. It also features a Windows operating system and a PC output (VGA) which is ideal for preparing documents or presentations and them delivering them via an external monitor, TV or projector. The net-book also of course, has wireless capability in addition to a full QWERTY keyboard and 10” WXGA screen resolution meaning that you can browse the internet clearly and avoid distorted or overly compressed images.

The MSNB-2009 has a 10 inch screen and weighs a dinky 1.3 kilos, making it the ideal laptop to throw in your bag and take anywhere on a daily basis for work or personal use.

So how does the netbook measure up in the style factor? Well, Marks & Spencer of course have incorporated their own unique style flair from an aesthetic perspective and the laptops are noted to be sleek, streamlined and sophisticated in appearance. Catering for all style preferences the net-books are available in Midnight Navy, Shocking Pink and Jet Black.

From a female perspective, I’m sure the MSNB-2009 is a product which will appeal more to women than men as with its high-gloss finish, unique seamless touchpad and a vibrant LED-backlit display, this gadget definitely seems to be geared towards the modern and tech savvy woman who likes quick and easy access to the internet and the ability to work on the go – in style. However it does seem that the MSNB-2009 boasts all the necessary functions and capabilities to suggest that it is more than just a pretty face.

The MSNB-2009 10” laptop is available exclusively instore and online at Marks & Spencer for £279.