HP “double down” on WebOS with Veer, Pre3 and Touchpad

Busy times lie ahead for HP who have just announced the release of three new mobile products onto the market, each running of the on the webOS operating system developed by Pam.   Below we take a look at them and their key features:


HP Touchpad

The Touchpad is HP’s tilt at the tablet market, the 7.48×9.53 inch device bing an entertainment and office behemoth and able to be used by itself or in conjunction with the other HP products using the webOS system.  You can answer calls on it, send texts and with it’s HP Synergy capabilities you can sync your Facebook, Linked In, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft accounts to your Touchpad.  All your favourite things in one place is the buzz-phrase, with it being able to surf the internet, play games and, along with Quickoffice, offers the HP Quickoffice suite which allows you to view and edit documents in programs like Microsoft and Excel.

There’s also a 1.3 megapixel front facing camera which makes video calls a synch, and it has compatibility with all HP printers so you can wirelessly print documents, e-mails and photo’s.  Unlike the iPad it also has a USB port so, so you can easily load documents and other bits onto it.  Like the iPad it’s got access to thousands of web apps, including Amazon’s special Kindle application, which will give access to over 810,000 titles from the Kindle store.

Prices and release date are yet to be set, but it should land on these shores over the summer.

HP Pre3

Jon Rubinstein, senior vice-president and general manager of Palm Global Business Unit, HP, says of the Pre3: “It enables professionals to accomplish more of their important workday tasks while easily keeping their fingers on the pulse of their personal lives.”

They’ve fitted it with a vertical slide-out keyboard, the widest and largest keyboard on any webOS phone to date, to make typing texts and e-mails particularly straightforward..  E-mail accounts can be viewed in one place or separately, and business-friendly e-mail protection is offered, so critical and/or sensitive data can be encrypted and stored. Like the Touchpad it also offers the HP Quickoffice suite and Adobe and HTML 5 capabilities.

Aside from these it has all the normal features you’d expect from a smartphone; an Apps Store, social networking access, video calling etc. With it’s 3.58 inch touchscreen it appears to have all the bases covered that a modern day businessman could want.

HP Veer

With dimensions of only 2.1 inches x 3.3 inches x 0.6 inches and weighing only 103 grams, the Veer will be by some way the smallest webOS product on the market.  Like the Touchpad and Pre3 it supports everything you’d expect from a modern day smartphone, if a little more market-friendly than the Pre3.

Like the previous two examples, it has HP Synergy which will enable the user to link all their HP devices in one place.  Keeping things in one place is also the theory behind Just Type, HP’s exclusive text feature which combines all your text messages, picture messages and IM conversations with one person into a single view. You can read and write email with ease and view your email accounts together or easily toggle between them.

Obviously there’s all your social networking doo-dah, Adobe and HP Touchstone (though this is sold separately, unlike with the other two new products).  According to the aforementioned Rubinstein, “Veer bridges the gap for a new generation of smartphone users, proving they really can have it all without sacrificing the size they want.”

Basically, size matters.