Acer unveils its X253 Series of Notebooks – Just don’t tell Spain!

When a school child turns 14 in Spain, he or she receives a brand new notebook to help them with their studies, compliments of the Spanish socialist government. Naturally every child is ecstatic with their gift and is barely seen without it. My point? Well in the modern digital age computers have become a vital tool in education, the vision of the future. Recognizing computers’ increasing domination in the classroom and being a vital aid for homework, Acer has created two new Aspire notebooks, designed for increased productivity and enriching children’s educational demands.


The Aspire 5253 and 4253 incorporates the powerful new AMD E-Series Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) and the VISION Engine from AMD, providing ample processing power to handle the most demanding of applications, whilst enabling shutter-free HD movies and HD Internet Video Streaming. With such advanced multitasking capabilities, Acer’s new notebooks are the perfect instruments for unleashing a child’s creativity, or an adult’s as well of course.

Also at the core of these laptops’ innovation is Acer’s new media sharing system known as Clear’fi is designed to make life easier by bringing all multimedia content into a single system with a common interface. This avant-garde system detects all enabled devices connected to the wireless home network so they can then be shared effortlessly using the Clear-fi media interface.

Featuring a 16:9 aspect ratio and high resolution the Aspire X253 series prides themselves in producing stunning visuals and staggering realism for the ultimate home cinematic entertainment experience.

Once today’s ‘technologically-minded’ youngsters get their hands on a new gadget, its multitasking capabilities hit new heights and are often pushed to the limit. Possessing DDR3 memory, the Aspire 5253 and 4253 guarantee rapid-fire system response, as well as textbook handling of multitasking demands.

These stylish new notebooks flaunt a textured finish which conveniently protects them from the many scratches and grazes mobile technology endures, especially when left in the hands of children. Fast and accurate typing is also encouraged with the Acer FineTip keyboard, whilst the multi-gesture touchpad provides ‘mouseless’ navigation.

The price for the Acer Aspire X253 series has yet to have been announced, but with features this sophisticated and convenient, one can be safe to assume these are not the notebooks the Spanish government are generously handing out to schoolchildren – Although with Spain on the brink of a European bail-out, sensible financing is obviously not the nation’s domain, and perhaps handing laptops as technologically-exciting as the Aspire 5253 4253 to teenagers ‘para gratis’, is one reason the country is in such a self-induced fiscal crisis.