The Samsung TX100 – ‘Raising the bar’ in mobile PCs

Whatever your ‘digital lifestyle’ – a truly pertinent concept as we arrive in the eleventh year of the new Millennium – the Samsung TX100 is ‘perfect for creating and consuming content’, claim Samsung as it unveils its innovative new mobile PC at this year’s CES.


‘Raising the bar’ for mobile PCs, the Samsung TX100 uniquely utilizes the benefits of an immersive touch screen and a sliding keyboard, enabling users to consume and create content wherever they are. This super lightweight and compact tablet comes equipped with Microsoft Windows 7, continuing Samsung’s deep collaboration between Microsoft and Samsung and is powered by the upcoming Intel Atom processor platform.

To a more technologically terminology naive Joe Public, what are the advantages of the ‘upcoming’ Intel Atom processor platform? Well according to Doug Davis, Vice President of the Netbook and Tablet Group at Intel: “Innovative designs based on Intel Atom processors offer not only improved performance and sleeker devise, but also new, creative form factors. The Samsung TX100 demonstrates how state-of-the-art form factors help consumers stay connected, while also providing rich, immersive, PC-like experiences on the go.”

With a 10.1 inch multi-touch, HD resolution supporting LCD touchscreen, the Samsung TX100 is great for immersive activities, such as watching films and social networking. Whilst for those who prefer a physical keyboard, the beauty of the TX100 lies within the fact it features a full, 80/81-keykeyboard sneakily tucked away under the display. When pulled out, the mobile PC creates a ‘laptop-esque’ interface, united with the touch capabilities featured on the display. In providing an actual keyboard for maximum productivity and an immersive touch experience, the Samsung Tx100 caters for every mobile PC table user’s whim.

The bane of spending precious minutes waiting for a PC to boot up is an affliction of the past with Samsung’s new mobile PC, as being powered by the company’s solid state drive (SSD), the TX100 boots up extremely rapidly, enabling users to access content in just seconds. A short battery life is a further burden of many modern computing devices, but not with the TX100, as the SSD ensures an extended battery life of up to 9 hours.

Not only does the TX100 comes equipped with pre-loaded applications for photos, videos, music, weather reports, navigation, time-management and note-taking, optimized for the touchscreen display, but it incorporates the Microsoft Bing map, which provides powerful tools that assists users in optimizing their searches.

Only the most innovative, powerful and technologically converging of gadgets are showcased at the CES, and the Samsung TX100, with its dedication to satisfy the unmet needs of consumers in the digital age, certainly excels within the CES’s world-class and technologically demanding criteria.