Getac B300 Rugged Laptop – Shockingly shock proof

I knew I shouldn’t have done it – popped out of the room leaving my three-year-old alone with my laptop precariously positioning within reach of his inquisitive little fingers. It was therefore no surprise when I returned to find my son standing guiltily next to my precious laptop, lying helpless on the cold, stone floor. My attempts to revive the machine were with no avail as the single black line that now dominated the screen, stubbornly refused to disappear, leaving me angrily cursing, “Why don’t they make these things more shock proof?” Although from this month onwards my prayers have been answered with the release of the Getac B300 – a new rugged laptop that won’t perish in an instant at the mercy of a toddler.


The Getac B300 boasts the usual spec we now expect from modern laptops. The 2GB of RAM means handling applications shouldn’t be a problem, whilst the 250GB SATA hard drive is by far from being the largest hard drive but is reasonable. The Getac B300 also includes a DVD drive, as well as a Gobi 2000 Mobile Broadband Module enabling users to be perpetually connected. The battery life of this laptop is also worth mentioning, as possessing an optional dual-battery pack it can survive for up to 22 hours before it requires electricity.

But where the Getac B300 really stands out from the monotonous splurge of laptops saturating the market at present is its uncanny resistance to being damaged. Whilst your fingers may not be able to function, let alone type at -20 C, the Getac B300 will continue functioning immaculately. And its anti-shock assets have even earned the Getac B300 a couple of certificates, as it has an IP65 certificate for water and dust protection and a MIL-STD-810G certificate for shock.

Fortunately my laptop was pretty ancient and was running slower every day, so its final toddler-induced demise has forced me into buying a new one sooner rather than later. Whilst I am tempted by the Getac B300 ‘ruggedness’ and sublime shock resistance qualities, its $3,799 price tag will probably mean I opt for a cheaper model and just more sensible about where I leave it in the house.