Review round-up: The Dell Venue 8 7000 – the World’s thinnest tablet?


Did Dell make crappy laptops? Some loved them, love hated them. But it now seems our experiences of Dell’s products can be put to one side, with the arrival of a statement-making 8-inch Android tablet – The Dell Venue 8 7000, proudly marketed as “the world’s thinnest tablet”.

So it’s definitely got our attention, but what’s the word on the street about the Venue 8 7000?

Wired, we have to admit, aren’t overly impressed. Citing the 8 7000’s new Intel processor, stylish features, unusual accessories, and a three-camera array, assets which are supposed to “blow you away”, the only aspect of the tablet that ‘does it’ for Wired is its beautiful design – sleek and slim, which at an incredible 6mm, could possibly be thinner than the iPhone 6. Despite its waif measurements and weighing just half a pound, the tablet still feels sturdy, pines Wired.

Innovative Intel Processor

Running the latest, cutting-edge Intel processor, the Venue has theoretically the perfect processor for a PC-style setup in a tablet form, writes Wired. However, the important word here is theoretically. Whilst the battery is impressively powerful and PC-like, little things like a game defaulting to inferior graphics and the multitasking menu stutters opening, are of concern to the Wired reviewer.

So mixed feelings about the Venue 8 7000 for Wired, but does the Dell tablet fare better with The Verge?

Super thin but “surprisingly solid” writes The Verge, but if only “better than the rest” counted for more!

Not a great start to the review and even less so when we learn that there’s only really two reasons why anyone should part with their money for the Venue 8 7000 – its design and its camera array.

So what about this elusive three-camera array?

Flip the Venue 8 7000 over and you’ll see three camera sensors, note the Verge. The sensors work together to form a depth-sensoring array. The first is an 8-megapixel camera which take the images, while the other two 720p cameras measure distance and determine depth information. This enables the user to get creative with photography by doing tricks such a blurring the background or isolating the subject in colour and making the background black and white. The camera even acts as a digital tape measure, informing the user of the measurements of the items in the frame.

Sounds impressive but, disappointingly, according to the Verge, the Venue 8 7000’s ‘special’ camera is reason not to buy this device. Why? Its standard 8-megapixel camera isn’t great, nor is trying to hold the device to take the photos!

Computer World seems a lot more upbeat about the Dell Venue 8 7000, referring to it as a “distinctive and premium Android tablet.”

This “distinctively stylish” tablet has some “unusually compelling” qualities, writes Computer World.

One such quality is the tablet’s impressive speakers which produce crystal clear sound. The 8 7000 is “consistently snappy” has “respectable stamina”, useful feature enhancements and clean and intuitive UI. On the downside, Computer World is critical of the tablet’s limited on-board storage

So what’s the overall verdict? Well the Dell Venue 8 7000 has certainly got the thumbs up for its super thin, sleek yet sturdy design but what seems to be a consistent let down is its camera, which, ironically, is the one component Dell probably worked the hardest on.


And the price? The Dell Venue 8 7000 starts at £326, which is hardly a bank breaking price tag.