Asus ZenBook UX305: looks good, but is there substance?


It’s ultra slim line. It’s aimed at professionals on the go, and it weighs just 1.2kg. The Asus ZenBook UX305 certainly sounds like it could have potential for those who work on the move, but what to the critics think?

When it comes to laptops, CNET isn’t always the forthcoming in sounding the merits. When therefore the technology review site use several complementary adjectives to describe a new gadget, we are compelled to sit up and read on.

In their hands on review of the UX305, CNET says they were impressed by the ZenBook’s slim frame, which, measuring just 12.3 mm thick and weighing a mere 2.6 pounds, is one of the slimmest laptops going.

Furthermore, with its all-aluminium frame, the UX305 both looks and feels “like a luxurious piece of kit,” continue CNET.

With an Intel Core M processor and 8GB of RAM inside its skinny frame, there should be plenty of oomph to keep Windows 8.1 “ticking along nicely,” CNET continues.

Will it impress amidst the business lounge elite?

Whilst impressed by its slightness and memory, assets that CNET believe will be attractive to business users on the go, the review’s only doubt is whether or not the UX305 will look the part when pulled out of a briefcase in a business lounge.

Throwing another view of the design of the ZenBook, the Ultra Book Review of the UX305 deems the device as sleek-looking, keeping the familiar lines of Zenbooks but with the added intrigue of concentric circle patterns on the lid and bevelled sides on the darker finishing but chromed elements on the white one. Sounds like Asus have at least tried to provide some intricacy on the UX305’s design.

On a less positive note, the Ultra Book Review is quick to point out that the UX305’s footprint seems to be pretty similar as the UX301 and, asides its being slimmer, there is nothing particularly new to shout about with the UX305.

Fan-less hardware

The pros of the Asus ZenBook according to this review are it strong and beautiful build, packed with a great matte display, its fan-less hardware and that it’s fast enough for everyday use.

Its cons are the fact it’s void of a backlit keyboard, it can get a tad overheated, its Wi-Fi is a little slow and the trackpad is prone to glitches.

Pocket Lint is quick to point out the Asus ZenBook UX305’s price – £649.99.

The technology site seem impressed with the device’s 128GB solid state disk drive and its resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

On the downside, Pocket Lint seems a little disappointed that despite being available to two colours – a silky-smooth Ceramic Alloy shade and an Obsidian Stone with ZenBook’s signature spun-metal finish, the UK only has the latter version!


All in all, if you’re after a lightweight and fairly stylish ZenBook that has all-day battery and powerful productivity and you are willing to part with £650, with the Asus ZenBook UX305 you could be on to a winner.