Loop: Energy Empowerment


The downside of being always plugged in … is that I’m always plugged in. That might seem a little obvious but the various shiny gadgets that I’ve accrued as a professional gadgeteer litter my house the like children and pets of more balanced individuals, all sucking electricity and draining my finances. Wouldn’t it be great if I could keep tabs on everything I’m spending. Wouldn’t it great if I knew how much all these devices cost me. Wouldn’t it be great to be … in the Loop.

Loop (yes I’m smooth) is a cool energy saving device that tracks exactly how much energy you use, when you use it and shows you how much it’s really costing on your tariff. When I tried Loop out I was concerned that it might be “fiddly”. For the most part it’s one of the simpler installations I’ve done. There’s an illustrated process to guide you through every step, which is handy. You need an online account and then to plug a dongle into your broadband router and clip another onto the cable by your electricity meter. This was the most difficult bit as I live in a tiny flat (London living), and gaining access to my electricity meter required some allen-key based ingenuity. That small hurdle aside, things are relatively simple and Loop lets you know when you’re up and running and immediately starts measuring your energy.


And boy do I use a lot of energy. Loop provides a live energy feed providing all the depressing details, in kWh, CO2 and hard cash. It was really good being able to wave a screen with exactly energy usage in front of my housemate in an accusatory fashion. There are even charges for spending over time. I do love a good chart. You can also set hard targets for budgets over set time periods which I also loved – I harbour a secret dream to be an accountant. Loop is also empowering as it you can compare you exact usage on various tariffs and shop around for a great deal.

For too long households have had to put up with complicated bills, often based on estimated usage. For the first time, Loop gives you everything you need to make the right energy choices, from up to the minute usage information on what you are really using, right through to knowing when you can and should switch to get a better deal.

Chris Saunders, CEO at Navetas, the company behind Loop

The Loop starter kit and 12 month subscription to Loop online is available to buy now from Amazon, priced at £29.99, with a money back guarantee if you don’t save in the first 12 months. For more information visit www.your-loop.com