The House of the Future at Grand Designs Live

Back in the eighties we were often treated to visions of what the house of the future might look like. Opinions varied but normally seemed to revolve around skin tight jumpsuits, pills replacing food and, more often than not, rocket packs. By 2010, we were told, we’d all be taking weekend trips to the moon.

It was all very adventurous and looking back you can’t help but wonder if they were taking it entirely seriously? However, these days we know better. We don’t want jet packs or rocket ships or even laser guided bread knives. What we need is the same tech as today only very slightly better. And that’s exactly what you’ll find if you head to Grand Designs Live this May.


The House of the Future Exhibition presented by Phillips promises to showcase the best the world has to offer in consumer domestic technology. There will be more gadgets than we could possibly hope to cover here, but let’s give it a go anyway.

The headline act looks set to be WiPower; the futuristic technology that promises to free us from the tyranny of plugs. Yes electricity has gone wireless. The boffins behind WiPower have been wowing audiences around the world with there cable free light bulbs. Now it is London’s turn and the results look to be truly amazing.

Elsewhere the emphasis is on intelligence. We have intelligent wardrobes, a smart oven that knows when to open and even an image conscious mirror that knows how to flatter its owner.

It comes from Phillips and makes use of the latest LED technology to shed a flattering light on even the most unappealing forms. The reflection panel is made up of lots of small Organic LEDs (OLEDs). As you pass in front these dim transforming them, for a brief moment into a mirror. The OLEDs that do stay lit subsequently bathe you in a warm and flattering light. So if you want to see yourself as you do, rather than the world does, this is for you.

Of course no house of the future would be complete without a few gadgets designed to deal with the coming environmental apocalypse. Global warming is on its way. Water in the future will be scarce. However, should the worst come to pass fear not. Electrolux will be showcasing a waterless washing machine that uses negative ions to wash nano coated clothes. All it does is lie on top of them and physics does the rest.

So there you have it. What a brave new world we’re getting into. So if you want a glimpse at what the future might bring head along to ExCel in Docklands, London, between May 1st and May 9th.