Sodastream Revolution

Video: The SodaStream Revolution Drinksmaker

Sodastream Revolution

If you’re old enough to remember the long, dark days of the seventies then one of the brighter moments back then was getting a glass of effervescent action from a SodaStream. The home drink-making machine was one of the gadgets to own and although it’s retained a cult following ever since, the SodaStream has been forgotten by many fans of fizz in the years since.

At one point in time the SodaStream was very big news though*, being available in around 50,000 retail stores in 43 different countries around the globe. The secret to its success was that the gadget allowed you to make your own carbonated drinks in the home, meaning that plain old tap water could be magically transformed into a glass of fizzy liquid, flavoured or otherwise, in a matter of moments. In the seventies, that seemed like a very big deal indeed.

The SodaStream was also quite green, removing the need to buy endless bottles of fizzy refreshment at the shops. As a consequence, its makers suggest that each reusable carbonating bottle has saved the environment from an estimated 1000 waste bottles and cans a year, which isn’t too shabby. There are in excess of fifty different flavours available for this device too, with a healthy edge provided thanks to a range of sugar-free flavoured essences, natural ingredients and fruity flavours. Just a shame then that the device itself ended up looking a little naff.

Now though, the humble SodaStream has been given a new lease of life, in the shape of a fully automated and very funky-looking model called the SodaStream Revolution. It’s a cool looking bit of kit too, with some advanced technical features that’ll boost your fizzy drink-making moments. If time is tight, then the new model features one-touch activation, a natty LED that displays fizz levels and a snap-on bottle attachment mechanism. As a result, those fizzy liquids have never been pumped out faster, or more efficiently.

You can choose from two different colours, with the Titan Grey model proving a little more appealing to us than the plain Silver finish, while the usability factor gets extra kudos thanks to the new ergonomic design. This revamped fizzy drinks maker really has been well and truly brought into the 21st century. Better still, it’s also as good as ever at saving on needless waste. So, next time you need the perfect dash of fizz for a G&T or endless glasses of soft drinks for a kids birthday party, bring on the Revolution.

The SodaStream Revolution is available online now and from QVC selected retailers priced at £149.99.


The LG team has now had a chance to get ‘hands on’ with the Sodastream Revolution. All in all it’s a great product, although it’s much bigger than we expected and the carbonating process can be quite noisy at times. The process of picking your carbonation level is straight forward as was the setup – although the power connection being located in the base (rather than side) made it a bit fiddly to connect. Check out our video below where we unbox and then demo the Revolution:

* Update: The company was keen to clarify that these days the numbers are even more impressive: “The current figure is even larger SodaStream products are available at more than 60,000 retail stores in 45 countries around the world.”