Panasonic New Design Icons for the Kitchen

Panasonic have recently embarked upon a singular crusade to make your kitchen look as stylish as possible and have bequeathed unto your granite surface a new range of incredible looking appliances.


First up are the Panasonic NT-ZP1 / NT-DP1 Toasters. The sleek reflective surfaces looked amazing, although tended to pick up a lot of dust so have to be kept clean. However, seeing as these are used for food that’s no bad thing. Both toasters have a cool little tab on the side that you can pop down to pop up a croissant warming function – my very definition of fancy. They also over reasonably precise control over the level of browning – 5 on the NT-ZP1 and 7 on the NT-DP1. The thing I enjoyed most was the blue light once you’d set the toasting level – it works as a sort of countdown and looks especially great on the glassy front panel of they NT-DP1.


As Iā€™m a walking cliche of a writer, I love me some coffee and the Panasonic Coffee Maker NC-ZF1 / NC-DF1 is another great looking device. As I’m *really* a walking cliche of a writer I live in a tiny apartment, so really appreciated the NC-ZF1s slim design with the whole unit pretty much solely comprising the water tank. It’s fits in smalls spaces yet brews a mean cup of coffee. It’s incredibly simple to use (I never once felt the need to reach for the manual), and has a built-in aroma control that lets you adjust the strength.


More of a tea person? Well then there’s the Panasonic Kettle NC-ZK1/ NC-DK range. Like the coffee makers, this is designed for modern living (which is a euphemism for tiny houses), and the kettle sits on a rotating power base so it can easily slot into a nook or cranny.

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