Robomow RM510: Never push a lawnmower again

Cutting the grass was the ultimate excuse for me to get out of doing housework or the washing up. Of course in winter I had to resort to alternative scenarios but each summer it was always my escape route. Now all those carefully laid plans are in tatters thanks to Robomow. Designing a lawnmower that does everything itself. How could they even think of such a thing?


Following a simple one time set up where you peg a wire (which is supplied) around the edges of your lawn, the Robomow RM510 will duly set off from its base docking station at the appropriate time you’ve programmed it to and cut your lawn in perfect lines. And it doesn’t just cut, it disposes of the cut grass too by mulching it back under the now pristine turf So no waste grass to worry about because its recycled and your lawn gets fertilised at the same time. When its work is done it returns to its docking station obediently to get recharged ready for its next mowing session.

The built in rain sensor will make sure your Robomow doesn’t venture out when the grass is wet and there’s an additional remote control you can add to navigate it around any particularly narrow strips of grass. Just think, you could be the envy of your neighbours who’ll be desperate to get their hands on it, fortunately the RM510 has a user controlled anti-theft guard and alarm system built in so there’s no chance of it going walkies unless you’ve programmed it to do so. While we’re on the subject of security there’s a tilt detection cut out and a child lock system built in and the unit detects trees, rocks and other obstacles.

In other words, you and I have no choice but do those waiting dishes from now on.

Robomow RM510 £1071.32 available from