Limey – The Danish Made Tap Head Cleaner

I make no secret of the fact that I am wildly in love with Danish design and its combination of industrial technology, simplicity and functionalism. When I went to Copenhagen I spent a great deal of time (when not stuffing my face with their amazing range of baked goods) marvelling at classic Danish design, the chairs, the lamps, the monkeys – all of it. From Bang & Olufsen Hi-Fis to PH-lamps there’s a lot to take in and if you’re into that sort of thing I highly recommend a trip to the Copenhagen Design Museum.


Why this ode to the magic of Danish design? Well I received an email from Limey, a Danish company that was bringing the Danish design aesthetic to a simple kitchen gadget and my interest was instantly piqued.

You may not find a clogged tap to be the sexiest of areas to build a gadget around, but sanitation has been rated the greatest medical milestone of the last century, ready access to clean drinking water is something people have a tendency to take for granted (certainly in the Western world. It still has luxury status in many parts of the planet). Limey is a simple yet functional (i.e., Danish) plastic bulb that works with most taps. You fill it half full with limescale remover and then pop it on to the end of your tap. There are specially designed flaps on Limey to allow air and excess fluid to escape (otherwise everyone would simply use a balloon). FYI it’s a good idea while using Limey, to wear rubber gloves and protective goggles. We tried Limey on several limescale-ridden taps and it worked its magic as efficiently as you’d expect. Although sadly we didn’t get to try it on a tap on the beach.

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