Grower’s Cup: Coffee on the go

I won’t start with a coffee pun as they’ve all bean done – especially at comedy roasts (sorry) but I do love my coffee. In fact judging by the number of coffee shops around me pretty much everyone in Central London loves the stuff. But what if you’re out and about and dying for a quality cup? Well like I just said there are coffee in pretty much any direction I can throw a rock at the moment, but that may not always be the case. Fortunately as long as I have boiling hot water, freshly ground coffee is not too far away, thanks to Grower’s Cup.


Grower’s Cup is a simply but cool new gadget for coffee lovers everywhere – literally. Grower’s Cup is a durable lightweight bag filled with some high quality coffee with each bag providing three cups of delicious, freshly ground coffee. All coffees are single estate or from named cooperatives. The berries are hand-picked and hand-sorted and then slow-roasted by Grower’s Cup in small portions on their Micro-roastery, which enhances the coffees’ unique character. Free-dried instant coffee this ain’t. The three step instructions on the back pretty much say it all – pour in hot water, wait and enjoy.

In essence a disposable French press, each Grower’s cup pouch contains a filter with 24g of freshly ground, speciality coffee. To brew three cups of coffee, all you need to do is open the bag, pour in half a litre of hot water and brew for five-eight minutes.

Waiting for the science bit? Here it is: the unique brewing system preserves the coffee’s natural oils, enhancing the coffee’s delicate flavours and finer aromas that can only be achieved by using a French press. However, unlike the French Press, on pouring the first one-and-a-half cups the brewing process stops so the remaining coffee won’t go bitter.

At £2.50, each bag is about the same as a latte in a regular store so these light-weight pouches are probably set to be a fun addition to any outgoing coffee lover’s backpack.

For more information contact Rosker