BIBO water filter dispenser: Hot or cold water on demand

Wouldn’t it be great to have boiling water without having to wait for the kettle to boil? And wouldn’t it be equally as great to have chilled water without having to wait for it to cool in the fridge? Well dream no more as now you can have boiled or chilled water in an instant with the BIBO water filter dispenser.


If your kitchen, with its mass of ‘convenience enhancing’ appliances and cooking utensils covering the work tops, looks more like the inside of the tardis than a kitchen, why not get that even bit more plush and modern by sitting a BIBO water filter dispenser comfortably on the work top, if you’ve got any room that is.

Although jests aside it does seem uncanny how we seem to happily consume cup after cup of chilled water from the water dispenser in the office at work in an attempt to maintain the golden ‘eight cups of water a day’ rule, whilst at home all yearnings for a glass of water are replaced by a longing for a glass of wine or ice-cold beer. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact chilled water at the touch of a button is not readily available to us at home like it is at work.

Encouraging daily hydration outside of the office, the BIBO water dispenser will give you an endless supply of water – hot or cold – in an instant – well not quite endless, but 7 litres which equates to approximately 30 cups of cold water and 15 litres or 60 cups of hot water an hour, by all intents and purposes may as well be endless.

The water you consume out of the BIBO dispenser will be completely pure, thanks to its ultra-sophisticated and powerful UV filter, which removes all traces of heavy metals, pesticides and other chemicals – definitely preferable to the water we consume out of taps, particularly for those living in London may I add!

This ultra-modern, health-boosting, dishwasher-proof kitchen appliance costs £363 – perhaps we will stick to waiting a couple of minutes for the kettle to boil and chancing our chocolates with comparatively unfiltered tap water.