Neato Robotics XV-15: Robotic vacuum cleaner

Robotic vacuum cleaners are great. They combine robotics (cool) with not having to do chores (awesome!) The Neato Robotics XV-15 is the latest addition to the robotic vacuum family, bringing with it a unique, square-tail design.


Technology-wise, the XV-15 uses 360-degree laser-mapping to survey a room’s size, notice obstacles and get to work. Like a cat, it’ll glide into a room, walk the perimeter before moving inwards. Unlike a cat, however, after the XV-15 has finished, there will be less hair on the floor.

By intelligently surveying the room, the XV-15 uses less energy moving about and on wasted sucking than previous models. This power has been redirected into the motor, increasing the suction to new heights (for robotic vacuums, anyway).

At the vacuum’s core is a centrifugal compression impeller that follows jet engine airflow principles, which Neato claim offers “unprecedented cleaning performance”.
It’s laser-mapping ensures that any object over four-inches in height is avoided, while it’s low profile (under four inches) means it can clean under a tables, beds, sofas etc.

It has other useful features, like a scheduler to ensure constant cleaning, and the ability to find its way back to the dock when in need of a charge. We’re more taken in by the look, however – it’s like an Atari Jaguar console. The square end is actually there to allow for a larger dirt bin (.65 litres), as well as better corner-cleaning – a big problem for robotic vacuums (no eyes for detail).

The Neato Robotics XV-15 is available for pre-order today from Neato Robotics for £379.99.