Vier shower system: The perfect shower – before you step in

Showers are great – except for those first few minutes, when you stand there shivering as you try to get the temperature right and avoid scalding your nether regions or dodging the freezing flow of water before it gets to the perfect temperature – if indeed it ever does.


But now, gadget lovers, thanks to some technical wizardly, it is possible to use a wireless console to get the shower set up before you’re even undressed. In fact, you can set up your perfect shower while you’re still in the bedroom watching breakfast TV.

Vier is a digital shower system, with the option to buy a wireless console that works up to 10 metres away from the bathroom. The Mira Vier (which is Dutch for four) has a wall-mounted console, along with the optional wireless devices. The ‘warm up’ facility lets you set up your ideal water flow and temperature, and then the system pauses, until you are ready to get in the shower.

If you hope to save money on energy bills and water use, particularly if you have a water meter, the ‘eco’ setting, which ensures a moderate flow of water will be a bonus. There is also a digital clock display, so that you can check how long you have been in the shower – good for saving water, and for making sure you’re not late for work!

The Mira Vier has four spray patterns, which can be activated by flipping the showerhead. The shower can be ceiling or rear-fed and can be used with a pumped or high pressure valve to suit your home’s water system.

Prices start from £799, with wireless controllers costing £179 each. See for more.