Electrolux UltraSilencer vacuum – Music Edition?

Have you ever started carrying out a mundane household chore, such as hoovering and found yourself unable to muster any kind of enthusiasm for the long task ahead?

If so, the Electrolux Silence Amplified vacuum cleaner could be the answer to all your housework-related prayers. It’s a hi-tech appliance fitted with an iPod dock and a powerful set of speakers embedded on the front of the machine. This combined with an ultra-quiet engine (the sound produced by the vacuum cleaner amounts to about 68 decibels, equivalent to the noise level of a normal conversation), is apparently the secret to turning a simple cleaning gadget into a multi-sensory entertainment station. And not only is the model virtually soundless, its patented optimised air flow and suction mechanism also help make it an eco-friendly option.

This all sounds like good, clean fun, but is the whole concept just a bit too wacky to work? Well, the company have certainly done their housework, er, homework. They’ve conducted rigorous studies in a test lab where volunteers had their hoovering prowess monitored while they listened music using the machines.

These experiments produced some interesting genre-specific results: jazz made the test vacuumers more thorough, while hard rock and heavy metal helped them get the job done faster. In addition, vacuuming assisted by music of any kind increased the number of nozzle sweeps, which in turn improved overall cleaning performance.

So while the idea might sound a bit far-out, it is based on genuine science. And as the second largest manufacturer of home appliances in the world, Electrolux’s technological expertise is certainly not to be sniffed at.

At the moment the Electrolux Silence Amplified vacuum cleaner is just a prototype, but the company claim to be able to mass produce the product to meet consumer demand. So it’s quite possible this lean, green cleaning machine could be coming to a living room near you early in the new year. And if you’re looking for a vacuum with va-va voom, it might be the neatest purchase you ever make.