Top Gadgets for Will & Kate’s Baby George

After nine months of anticipation and guesswork, he’s finally arrived – a beautiful bouncing baby boy. An amount of attention towards the tiny newborn, whom will one day inherent the British throne, is expected. Wall-to-wall coverage, people camping outside the hospital in anticipation to get a ‘glimpse’ and global hysteria is however a tad over the top. Nonetheless, pondering about all the luxury presents, clothes and toys this privileged baby will be showered with is mildly entertaining, including what baby gadgets his parents and nannies will have at their disposal during these first few months.

Take a look at the top five gadgets for baby George Alexander Louis:

Ultimate Baby Wipes Warmer by Prince Lionheart


Babies and cold baby wipes aren’t always a good idea, particularly with boys who have a tendency to greet a cold wipe with an abrupt stream of wee.

Being first time parents, Kate and Wills probably won’t be aware of baby boys’ aversion to cold wipes, although they may have been told. The Ultimate Wipes Warmer by Prince Lionheart is likely to prove an invaluable gadget for Baby George. Not only will this nifty device warm the wipes but it will keep them moist and fresh – perfect for a little Prince.

Smart Baby Monitor by Withings


Amidst their tiredness, elation and infatuation with their bundle of joy, most new parents endure some kind of almost paranoid desire to monitor their baby’s every move. With its night vision technology, a high-resolution camera, video and microphone and high-tech noise, motion, temperature and humidity tracker, the Smart Baby Monitor should suffice as being fit to supervise the tiny Prince.

Lullabies can even be played alongside a multi-coloured night light. Not to mention featuring Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet cable connection. Quite a baby monitor for a refreshingly modest £217 (approx.).

Go Self-Warming Baby Bottle by iiamo


Long gone are the days when parents had to arduously wait for milk to warm in a pan of boiling water. 21st century parents have access to instant milk warmers and none are as high-tech as the Self-Warming Baby Bottle by iiamo.

This funky looking baby bottle can warm six ounces of milk to the recommended temperature in about four minutes. Without any need for electricity, cords or water, the iiamo Go is perfect for outdoor events and being the Royal family, there’s bound to be a few of them.

Despite being fit for a prince this useful baby gadget has a commoner price tag of just £22.

Remote Fever Monitor by Bebe Sounds


Disturbing your baby when he or she is sick to take their temperature is an anguish no parent wants to have to tolerate. This is when Bebe Sounds Remote Fever Monitor could prove priceless. Simply clip the monitor onto baby’s nappy or baby gro and the thermometer will beep if the temperature reads too high.

Smart Kids Scales by Withings


Bundling Baby George into a pram and pushing him to the hospital with paps jumping out from every bush won’t be on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s agenda. Instead of making frequent visits to the hospital to get baby weighed, Kate and Wills could do it from the safety of the palace with the Smart Kid Scale.

This state-of-the-art scale uploads the readings through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It takes accurate readings and will even ignore non-baby weight such as blankets and nappies.

For £145.95 the Smart Kid Scale is definitely a smarter way to weigh your baby, particularly if avoiding the paparazzi is an issue.