Top 5 Cooking Apps


Consider yourself a novice in the kitchen? Not convinced by the never-ending slew of expensive celebrity cook books? Don’t worry; all answers, recipes, measurements and cooking dilemmas can be found in your very pocket. Take a seat at the chef’s table and allow Latest Gadgets to round up five of the most interesting, informative and easy to use smartphone cooking apps…

Cook School Fresh

On Cook School Fresh

Backed by the Government’s Food For Life campaign, Cook School Fresh respects any level of knowledge and provides full instructions accordingly. With an emphasis on fresh ingredients (well, the clue is in the title), seasonal availability, age of the student and ingredients, this free app serves simple step-by-step instructions that will allow you to progress from water-burner to gourmet guru in a matter of meals.

Free and home to hundreds of healthy recipes, Cook School Fresh shouts louder than many standard recipe applications thanks to its emphasis on education. Setting you up to have the confidence to knock up perfect, low calorie, sustainably sourced grub on your own, the potential to totally ruin your phone with butter-smudged digits also ranks lower than other apps, too…

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Wolfram Culinary Mathematics

On iTunes

Cooking: it’s all fun and games until you mess up one of the measurements. Especially in the dark art of baking… Stumble on just one of the digits and your flan will end up a complete flop.

Luckily Wolfram’s Culinary Mathematics are here to help; allowing you to negotiate your way through the metric/imperial maze and adapt your portion sizes depending on the size of your dining party, it eases all possible cooking conundrums.

Wait; there’s more. Not only does Culinary Mathematics provide assistance with unit conversions, it’s also a very handy resource for nutritional information and even waste management and budgeting for the family shopping trip.

Numbers and noms: Culinary Mathematics has it all locked down.

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Matthew Kenney’s Raw Express

On iTunes

Goodbye cooker, hello healthy lifestyle! Not all recipes involve slaving over a hot stove, you know…


Well established US chef Kenney is something of a raw food evangelist. Proving raw doesn’t just mean ‘knocking up a quick salad’, his Raw Express app offers 50 insightful meals that really push the fresh food and vegan mind set. Highlights abound but take  this first menu suggestion from us: the raw chilli with cashews and sour cream and Brazilian truffles are to die for!

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Knife Skills

On iTunes

For those who’ve picked up a few skills and feel a bit handy, say hello to Knife Skills, a comprehensive guide to becoming a proper chopper.

With 36 high definition video tutorials and detailed step-by-step guides, everything you could possibly know about knife work and cooking is right here for the reasonable sum of £6.99. From basic veg prep such as tear-free onion dicing to crafty butchery such as cutting up a whole chicken, this is a great way to literally sharpen your skills in the kitchen.

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It’s the moment all budding chefs dread… You’ve got the perfect menu planned, you think you’ve got all the ingredients ready then – horror! – you realise you’ve left one essential item off your list and the store is closed.

What do you do? Run away and cry in your shed? Is that what Gordon Ramsay would do? No siree… He’d look up the best substitution and crack on, which is exactly what you can do with this 69p app. Who knows? You might even create something better with this last minute ingredient switch.

With an added bonus of offering alternative ingredients for food allergies and gluten-free diets, you’ll soon find that not all recipes need to be adhered to as strictly as others…

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